Stovell's Wildcrafted Gin

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All of our plant botanicals are responsibly and sustainably wildcrafted.


We aim to use plants from within the United Kingdom, wherever it is ethically possible to do so.

This means that we have chosen to source our wild Juniper berries from Croatia, due to the severely dwindling numbers of Juniper bushes across the British ISLES.

Thankfully, the comparatively sunny climes of the balkans, and abundance of juniper bushes provides us with ample beautifully fragrant juniper berries - Perfect for gin.

(Meanwhile, our native Juniper bushes, with the help of a number of conservation organisations, can make a good attempt at repopulating!)


None of our botanicals, have been cultivated.


unlike most gins, Our gin features no CITRUS, NO CORIANDER AND NO ORRIS ROOT...

...But we're happy to say that our menagerie of wild seeds, fruits, herbs and spices makes for a pleasantly different gin!



For BATCH 11, We USED:

Juniper – Angelica Roots and Seeds – Alexander's SEEDS

WILD Liquorice – Sweet Flag – OAK MOSS

Bilberries – Haw Berries – Wild Rosehips and Petals

Lemon Balm – Meadowsweet – Woodruff – Nettles – Wild Fennel – Lovage

Chamomile Flowers – Elderflowers – Red Clover Flowers

& A Small Drizzle of Chobham Honey